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What To Drink Instead of Alcohol To Relax in the Evening

So, I started drinking a lot more non-alcoholic drinks to help take my mind off it. These days, I drink even more than I did during my years of alcoholism — the difference is that now it’s all non-alcoholic. If alternatives to alcohol you visit bars often, mocktails would definitely not be a new drink for you. These are the best alternatives to alcoholic cocktails that contain all the ingredients similar to cocktails instead of alcohol.

what to drink instead of alcohol

Because these drinks rely heavily on outside flavoring to mimic the liquor, gin is one of the easiest to make and most common to find. Since triggers and rewards are such a big part of habits like https://ecosoberhouse.com/ drinking, the drink alternative you use has to match the alcohol you’d normally drink. For example, flopping onto the couch after a hard day at work might bring on the craving for a beer.

What Happens to Your Body If You Drink Tea Every Day

For example, you can add cinnamon powder or mint leaves to add an earthy undertone to the drink. Then cheer up, buddy, as there are many alternative treats you can switch to satisfy your inner craving and overcome the addiction. One March 2018 study in the journal ‌Psychological Science‌ found that even stress that is seen as small and insignificant can lead to health problems including heart disease, anxiety and depression, chronic pain and more. But for many, a glass of wine or a cold beer at the end of a long workday is a go-to way to de-stress and unwind. And that’s nothing to sneeze at, because lowering your stress levels can be key for weight loss, too.

  • Tea can be a flavorful, low-calorie option to replace your nightly glass of wine for the month.
  • It has 94% water which is rich in various minerals, electrolytes, vitamins, etc., and shares a very refreshing taste with a hit of nutty undertone.
  • The New Science of Alcohol And Your Health, to create his very own alcohol-free drink, Sentia.

Coffee is another great option and like many of the other drinks on this list, it can be customized to your preference with different flavors, add-ins, and methods of preparation. For example, depending on the season or your mood, you can take it hot or iced, with or without sugar. You can also add flavored syrups (sugar-free or not) and try different blends and beans such as Arabica beans, Robusta beans, or Liberica beans. Many of us don’t actually crave wine itself, but rather the feeling that comes with it. Uncorking the bottle, pouring a glass, and sipping it slowly while you make food, eat dinner, or soak in a tub becomes a kind of ritual for relaxation.

What to Drink Instead of Alcohol?

For one, it serves as an all-natural way to add minerals and key electrolytes like potassium and calcium to your diet, cut out sodium and keep you hydrated- all while being low in calories. You can find coconut water in a variety of different brands and flavours, making it a relatively easy (and healthy) replacement to find for your alcoholic drinks. Kombucha is a fermented drink, made from sweetened tea and unique symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts; colloquially known as Scoby. Plus, being under 0.5% alcohol makes it the perfect alternative to strong alcoholic drinks. Activities like exercise, music, and massage can provide opportunities to hang out with friends—or plan a date—without going to a bar or club.

  • For one, it serves as an all-natural way to add minerals and key electrolytes like potassium and calcium to your diet, cut out sodium and keep you hydrated- all while being low in calories.
  • When you inhale plant oils like lavender or chamomile, you may find a sense of calmness and relaxation.
  • It’s perfectly normal if you turn to a glass of wine to relax after a long day though, research from an ICM poll shows that two in three of us do it.
  • You only need a dash to enhance a drink, but even a small amount still contains a bit of alcohol.
  • But if you’re going to indulge, there are healthier options that you should reach for.
  • It felt incredibly strange not to have a beer in my hand or at arms reach.

You can also easily order these concoctions at restaurants or social gatherings in a pinch. Other flavor options could include rosemary with ginger ale or thyme and lemon-lime soda. Although you may not be able to find this one year-round, spiced apple cider is a great alternative to alcohol if you plan on attending fall-themed work functions, parties, or other social events in the fall or winter. You can also make this one at home if you’re in the mood for autumn beverages and want something different to drink.

Best Low-Alcohol Beers

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) sets moderate daily intake for men at a maximum of four standard drinks. Women stay within range when they consume no more than three standard drinks a day. He worked as a bartender instructor for many years, teaching people how to make cocktails like a pro. Barry loves experimenting with flavors, and he’s always coming up with innovative cocktail recipes.

what to drink instead of alcohol

“Having alternatives to alcohol will give your liver a break and hydrating drinks are always a good option for this. The body’s organs, including the liver, function best when they are hydrated.” “A zero-calorie soda or sparkling water with a slice of grapefruit is so delicious and a glass of water with ice and lime will also do the trick and keep you hydrated.” However, Cox warns, there does tend to be a lot of sugar in these types of alcohol alternatives as they often use fruit juice.